Artist Katherine Bernhardt inside No Aloha, the cafe in our Downtown Dallas store.

No Aloha cafe on the first floor of the flagship Forty Five Ten store in Downtown Dallas

Now, thanks to a new collaboration with 4510/SIX, you can take characters from the piece home with you. Toucan pitchers and sugar bowls, cigarette trays, and floral serving platters bring the same irreverent charm in a muted palette (and of course, much smaller scale). “Her work is so playful,” says Cole. “You can’t help but love it.”

The limited-edition series produced by Cerámica Suro in Guadalajara, Mexico is a first for the artist whose work has been exhibited near and far—from Tokyo’s NANZUKA gallery to the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Each one-of-a-kind, numbered piece has been hand-painted and glazed by the workshop’s skilled artisans. (The originals painted by Bernhardt are not currently for sale, leaving the possibility for gallery display in the future.) The exclusive collection is available online and in our Dallas, New York, and Miami stores. But act fast—it’s selling out quickly.

Flowers are another motif in the cafe

Cigarettes and toucans are a motif throughout the cafe

The Lady Bag in Ivory.

No Aloha opens to a pergola on the lawn in front of The Eye