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“Claire is a friend from Austin, and L.A., and I’m so drawn to her intuitive practice—her collage work feels natural, yet so beautifully composed—and I love her controlled sense of color,” says Forty Five Ten President and Chief Creative Officer, Kristen Cole. “When we came across a stock of these white vintage pieces, I knew Claire would know exactly what to do with them, especially given her background in textiles.”

The resulting exclusive collection, Drop Cloth, consists of vintage tees, workman jackets, and bandanas capturing Oswalt’s minimalist style. “When Forty Five Ten asked me to use vintage white clothing as drop cloths, I found myself in the same creative process as when I do my collage works on paper,” says Oswalt. “I started to view the tees and workman jackets much like my painted scraps of paper. They had beautiful, haphazard marks all over, and I felt a natural urge to start cutting and sewing.”

Artist Claire Oswalt in a jacket from the Drop Cloth Collection.


A vintage white T-shirt that captures Oswalt's minimalist style.

Each handmade piece showcases Oswalt's sense of composition.

Each handmade piece in this limited-edition collaboration showcases Oswalt’s sense of composition, which has been admired by many during her gallery exhibitions in Berlin, Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Austin, and Marfa.

“This collection is minimalistic in its intent, but expressive in its process,” she says. “The pieces seem a natural expression of my mind worked in a new medium.”

Drop Cloth by Claire Oswalt x Forty Five Ten is available in Forty Five Ten Vintage in New York, as well as our Dallas and Miami locations.

“The pieces seem a natural expression of my mind worked in a new medium" explains the artist.


The collection consists of vintage tees, workman jackets, and bandanas.


The collection is available online and at select Forty Five Ten stores.

The pieces on display in our New York store.




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