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Maisie Wilen

Maisie Wilen

How do you create these prints? What’s your design process?
To boil it down simply, I sit in front of the computer for many, many hours. (laughs). I start by collecting a lot of image references and eclectic inspirations before I sketch my silhouettes. From those silhouettes, I’ll start to create the prints on the computer.

All your prints are done digitally?
Yes, they’re all custom and processed a million times. Like, I’ll start with the concept of a print and then render something out on the computer. Then put a liquefy effect on it or something and do it in 30 different colorways to see what works. I’m constantly imagining how the prints will look on the body, so that’s why you see a lot of ergonomic lines that are placed thoughtfully.

You’re young, but you’ve already had some big career wins. What advice would you give other aspiring designers?
Try to get involved in a little of everything. That was the main takeaway from working at Yeezy.

Images from the Maisie Wilen brand campaign

The collection's lookbook captures the fresh and modern approach the designer takes.

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The silhouettes are sexy, but retail a cool athletic vibe that's reminiscent of gymnasts and figure skaters.

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"I'm very into print and color," explains the designer.

Bjork, Dolly Parton, Grace Jones…The range of your style icons is really varied. Is there a common denominator? They’re all people who are bold in their decisions and very personal in their style. That’s what I’m really drawn to.

How would you describe your personal style?
I’m very into print and color. I’m definitely an eccentric dresser, so the collection is a reflection of my personal style.

Your pieces have been worn by celebs, which much be exciting, but it must be cool to spot them on other cool girls. How do you most like to see them styled?
I love seeing girls who’ve eclectically mixed it up and layered pieces. The pieces are very eye-catching and, of course, stand on their own, but I love a good mix. It’s something I was very intentional about while designing the collection. It gets better the more you layer on.

What’s next?
I’m interested in exploring new categories: bags, swimwear, maybe kids…anything!

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"I love a good gets better the more you layer on," says Schloss.

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The prints are all done digitally. "I'm constantly imagining how the prints will look on the body," explains designer Maisie Schloss.

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