MAX AND ME - Sweet Serenity Rescue Balm, 0.51 oz


Sweet Serenity Rescue Balm, 0.51 oz

In times of trouble, rescue balm is your best friend. Entrust us your skin in deep need.

This deliciousness envelopes even the most delicate, sensitive, inflamed, irritated, stressed-out, damaged skin tenderly, targeting troubled conditions.

The blend of beauty oils, butters and essential oils embraces master healers which instantly impart calming serenity, soothing rescue and gently whispered guidance.

Gorgeously effective for any inflammation-related issue (e.g.: acne, rosacea), this gentle hydrator is so incredible for helping to release heat from use one on, relieve from redness and get back into balance.

Also so good for dry chapped lips and for cuts, stings, burns.

This most powerful skin savior is also a soul whisperer, helping you to center, to embrace all that is you and to start out feeling strong and beautiful again.


Skin saviour.

Instant relief for irritated, stressed-out, inflamed conditions.

Renews red, irritated, flaky skin.

Relieves hard to treat skin-issues (acne, rosacea, couperose).

Calms and soothes deeply.

Tames inflammation, releases heat.

Helps with cuts, burns, bites.

Boosts collagen build-up.

Provides the perfect level of hydration.

Skin type:

Troubled and inflammed skin, stressed-out, irritated conditions, traumatized skin, un- matched healing for teenage and adult acne, so healing for rosacea, sensitive, finicky, highly reactive types, dehydrated skin. une- ven complexions, sun-damaged skin.

Key ingredients:

Indigenous Amazonian Murumuru Butter, harvested through ancient sacred ritual, master healer Helichrysum italicum from the island of Corse, Propolis.

0.51 fl oz (15ml) container.

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Sweet Serenity Rescue Balm, 0.51 oz