MAX AND ME - Sweet Serenity Beauty Balm, 1.01 oz


Sweet Serenity Beauty Balm, 1.01 oz

Imparts intense nourishment, a deep calm and delightful hydration.

A luscious deliciousness melting on touch to reveal golden-hued drops of a wildflowery scented oil blend, that nurtures tenderly.

This daily hydrator feeds and replenishes thirsty, depleted, stressed-out, challenged conditions so satisfyingly.

Beauty balm also pampers maturing complexions with a beautiful collagen boost and helps sun-damaged, hyperpigmented and uneven skin back into balance.

On an energetic level this beauty is so good in harmonizing body, mind and soul – suffusing you with high vibrations, fulfilling you, nurturing you, so that you can start out strong again.


Nourishes and restores.

Soothes & calms.

A wonderful daily hydrator

Benefits sensitive, irritated, thirsty skin

Reduces breakouts

Adresses the cause, not only the symptom

Benefits troubled conditions

Leads back to skin’s innate, harmonious rhythm

Boosts skin´s self-healing

Stimulates collagen / for mature skin

Imparts calm serenity for skin and soul

Skin type:

Depleted conditions, dehydrated skin, maturing complexions, skin stressed by the change of seasons/the change of climate, sun-damaged skin.

Key ingredients:

Indigenous Amazonian Murumuru butter harvested through ancient sacred ritual, master healer Helichrysum Italicum from Corsica, Propolis.

1.01 fl oz (30ml) container.

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Sweet Serenity Beauty Balm, 1.01 oz