MAX AND ME - Enchanted Face Oil, 1.01 oz


Enchanted Face Oil, 1.01 oz
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This award-winning oil blend indulges your thirsty complexion with its energetic talents in loving care, soothing nourishment and repairing powers.

Benefitting sensitive, irritated conditions and regenerating mature complexions while embracing all skin types with its calming and hydrating talents.

“Enchanted” also deeply resonates with your heart chakra, which in turn is closely entwined with the beauty, tone, charisma and appearance of your skin.


Repairing & nourishing.

Calming and balancing.

Benefits sensitive, irritated conditions.

Regenerates mature skin.

Antioxidant rich.

Provides optimum hydration.

Wake up to beautiful skin when used as a night treatment.

Celebrates love and warmth.

Resonates beautifully with the heart chakra.

Highly vibrant powers.

Key ingredients:

Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Jasmin, Champaca, Frangipani.

1.01 fl oz (30ml) dropper.

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Enchanted Face Oil, 1.01 oz