For this reason, I chose Bibi Cornejo Borthwick to shoot this kickoff PF18 women's campaign. I love her photography style—it feels poetic, quiet and she is so lovely, of course. I adore her mother's collection, Zero + Maria Cornejo—have worn and stocked it for years at Tenoversix and now also at Forty Five Ten. Conceptual, independent and constant; collection tenets I admire. Her father, Mark Borthwick, is one of my all-time favorite fashion photographers. His blown-out, real, minimalist photography style has always moved me. His work for i-D, The Face, Self Service, among others, was a very strong influence on my fashion point of view from my early 20s in NY. Jane Mosley was the perfect model to shoot because she not only has that perfect edgy but still elegant look, but she is also an artist. My husband had shown me her work awhile back and the idea sparked. I chose John & Lisa Runyon's home as our first location to shoot in for the obvious reason that they have an amazing contemporary art collection. Their '60s mid-century-modern home in Dallas is chock-full of amazing works. I have always loved their home since meeting the Runyons on one of our first trips to Dallas, and admire their style of collecting. Smart, generous and clearly moved by art- exactly the type of collectors I want to share with our audience.

Kristen Cole
Forty Five Ten President, Chief Creative Officer