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Active Botanical Refining Toner
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A foundational first layer in your routine, setting the ideally hydrated state for serums, masks, or moisturizers.

A base of lavender hydrosol and organic aloe leaf juice is infused with layers of powerful antioxidant and omega rich botanicals and acts as a natural, gentle astringent which minimizes your pores, hydrates your skin, and preps an impeccable canvas, ready for your next skincare steps.

Key Benefits: 100% alcohol-free composition that never strips your natural oils.

Refines pores, hydrates, and preps skin to absorb all the nourishing products that you can layer on.

Has brightening capabilities to perk up complexion and even out skin tone.

Restores balanced skin pH levels.

Best Suited For: All skin conditions, especially skin tones that are dull, dry or uneven.

Scent: Subtle, floral and herbaceous.

Texture: Aqueous, free-flowing liquid with some body to it. Soothing, cooling, plumping, calming.

Usage: Morning and night, moisten a clean cotton pad with toner and gently sweep over face and neck to prime skin. Continue with the rest of your regimen.

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Active Botanical Refining Toner